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About me

Hey Readers, I’m Ameya, a Computer Science graduate from India.

In 2017 I first searched the term “How To Make Money Online” and came across the term Blogging.

Then I researched more and more about it , and got inspired and motivated seeing the income reports of some successful blogger on the internet at that time…

I was in class 11th at that time , I starting working on my savings and budget and invested in a bunch of courses..I thought I would be successful very soon .. but damn! I couldn’t earn a single dime in 2 years! 

I felt very upset at that time as I had just entered my first year of Engineering and wished to have a side income of my own. I had literally tried each and every thing from affiliate marketing to ecommerce ..

how i started blogging

After wasting a lot of time trying to earn some quick money .. all exhausted , I decided to give everything up. 

However my heart wasn’t agreeing with me to do so, I wished to give it a one last try, but this time I had a proper vision and a solid base about what I was going to do now.

Moreover I used to read often the income reports of some successful bloggers out there at that time which made by motivation even bold.

So in September 2019, The Teenage Blogger came into existence. My main motive behind this was to help other newbies who wish to enter the field of Internet Marketing especially Blogging through easy step by step tutorials and simple communication.

This is the place where I talk about my past experiences and share my knowledge I have learnt so far in my journey.

Learning never ends….

There is always room for improvement.

About The Teenage Blogger

The Teenage Blogger is built on wordpress platform managed by Siteground hosting and running on free Astra Theme + Elementor Pro Page Builder duo.

Astra is a simple and sleek theme , easily customizable and perfect for new bloggers plus the Elementor Pro page builder along with Astra can bring your blog to a higher level!

Here on this blog I talk and teach about Blogging , Affiliate marketing , Traffic , How to bring you life to another level as a blogger , How to be motivated all the time & many more interested topics..

No matter if you are a newbie with zero tech skills , I promise you will learn something new from every post.

“Never Stop Learning Because Life Never Stops Teaching”

If you are ready to start your journey and want to start a blog , you can read my step by step tutorial on How To Start A Blog . I would also recommend you to subscribe to my email list where I send awesome tips and freebies that will grow your blog to another level!

Want to know what tools and plugins I use to run this blog efficiently?  Have a look at my Resources Page.

Connect With Me

Although I am an introvert , I still love to connect with new people across the globe.

Come and say hello to me on:  

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